Christine’s passion for heritage projects has fueled her advocacy work, adaptive re-use projects, landscape studies, archival research and artwork projects.

Adaptive Re-use

Although not as noteworthy as those listed in heritage registers, many older community districts contribute to a community’s structure, memory and sense of place. Sensitive transformations of older structures and landscapes can breathe new life into heritage districts. In this advocacy project, Christine developed a vision for restoring the abandoned heritage Canadian Pacific Railway Station in Owen Sound, Ontario. See more examples of adaptive re-use projects.

Cultural Landscape Research

As part of her doctoral research, Christine developed an innovative research technique to understand residents’ subjective views on landscape. The study was undertaken to understand whether groups of people hold common values about cultural landscapes. See more about this project.

Archival projects

A recreation of one of Toronto’s iconic lost buildings located on the site of present-day Roy Thompson Hall at King St. and Sincoe St. The Government House was designed by Henry Langley and built in 1870, and demolished in the 1960s. This watercolour perspective was created using traditional techniques that included referring to the original plans and elevations that were drawn on linen.