Christine collaborated on the development of SLU’s 2040 Master Plan using a ‘slow charrette’ strategy to develop a community-based vision grounded in sustainability principles.

The 3-step approach begins with an innovative scenario development technique using illustrations to convey desires expressed during conversations, interviews and consultations with multiple agencies and stakeholders.

Next, a land use plan is developed that includes a mixed-use building program for housing, research facilities and the development of a new ‘Green Innovation Park’. The landscape plan calls for ecological improvement of natural areas including wetlands, forest, meadows, urban farms, agricultural research fields and parks.

The land use plan is integrated with a new tram line, bridge, recreation trails and bike paths.

The final step generates architectural visions for selected sites, including a new mixed-use Green Innovation Park, multi-generation housing, a wellness center, and a new Circular-Food research center.

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