Workshops and community meetings are excellent events for creative problem solving, social learning, and building relationships. But designing and delivering workshops takes planning. Christine has designed, facilitated or contributed to a variety of planning meetings, design charrettes and workshops, using skills as designer, researcher, teacher and illustrator.

Christine designed a one-day workshop aimed at bringing together citizens, elected officials and planners to find common ground on siting wind energy planning in Grey and Bruce Counties in Ontario. This issue is highly contested, but the workshop demonstrated ways that people with differing points of view can come together and find consensus in a regional planning context.

As part of the Design with Nature, Design with LEGO exhibition at the Vejle Okolariet, Christine created workshops using LEGO to teach school aged children (and their parents) about sustainable city and landscape design. This work is ongoing – look for more workshops in the fall of 2020!

As part of her Master’s research, Christine collaborated with students from University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture and stakeholders from the City of Galt to envision a revitalized urban core. The process began with a creative and playful facilitated workshop event to share histories, goals and opportunities for the city’s downtown.

A facilitated workshop can be very informal - as part of a community-led design project to build an edible forest garden and cycling pavilion in Vejle, Denmark, Christine held brief, on-site design “workshops” with architecture students from Aarhus School of Architecture.

Christine collaborated with LEGO Community Engagement team to design a mosaic using LEGO in a sustainability workshop for children. The mosaic-building project was led by high school students from the Tekerd! non-profit organization.

As a graphic recorder, Christine can help synthesize key ideas from meetings, presentations or conversations into images and text, increasing engagement and enabling co-creation among participants.