Eco-city Exhibition, Vejle Bibliotek (Library) - Vejle, Denmark

By engaging with this playful exhibition, children and their families are introduced to fundamental concepts of ecological design and to think beyond the gray grid. They are encouraged to imagine living in cities that are integrated with the natural world.

Christine created this exhibition by designing and building the LEGO model and supplemental materials. She has developed workshops and activity books for builders of all ages.

Client: City of Vejle
Supported by Ole Kirk’s Foundation and in collaboration with the LEGO Community Engagement team

LEGO Project Model
Eco-City Model For Økolariet Museum in Vejle, DK

Design With Nature / Design With LEGO

Throughout history, human societies that have been built on sustainable relationships with nature have succeeded, while those that worked against natural systems have collapsed. Human societies have altered ecological systems profoundly, and the consequences are disastrous including species extinction, global warming, and depletion of resources.

City makers are now challenged to better understand and adapt to rapidly changing environmental systems. We must envision cities and landscapes that function with rather than against nature. The Eco-city model - in combination with the Design With Nature exhibition and workshops, offers an opportunity for children and adult visitors to learn some of the key concepts of ecological planning in an engaging, creative way.

The exhibition and workshop guide is designed so that museum staff, teachers, community volunteers, and students (age 13+) can guide visitors around the model. They introduce key concepts of ecological design, and deliver workshops. The exhibition introduces the contributions of three pioneers in the field of ecological planning: Ian McHarg, Anne Spirn and Randolph Hester.

A series of short lessons and activities provided in the workshop guide present a variety of ways to use scenarios in the model to demonstrate essential themes to child, adult and professional audiences.


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